Shaums March #6: Riding Red Bull Rampage, Coaching 1000's of Riders, and The MTB Family

Want to meet the most experienced, helpful, and friendly coach in the mountain bike industry?

I sat down with Shaums March to discuss what inspires him to keep teaching, his background coaching world champions and Olympians, plus the story of where we raced together at the Red Bull Night Shift (plus a bonus conversation about Red Bull Rampage). 

Shaums is the President of the Bike Instructor Certification Program, has coached elite riders, and is widely considered the authority on creating mountain bike instruction curriculum. 

Shaums was one of the first 4 athletes to ever be sponsored by Red Bull and stayed with them for 14 years as an elite athlete.

Based out of Bellingham, Washington, Shaums has elevated the entire sport of Mountain Biking and was a pleasure to have on the show.

 On this episode, listen in to find out:

  • Shaums biggest coaching "wins" with athletes like Miranda Miller, Kate Courney, and Danny Hart...

  • What it's like to stand at the start "gate" at Red Bull Rampage…

  • The projects with the Bike Instructor Program available to you today...

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