Podcast #10 - Dr. Matt Miller & BrakeAce: How To Get Faster Without Getting Fitter

Ever wonder how to get faster at MTB without getting fitter?

I sit down with Dr. Matt Miller, PHD in Bikes basically on how to ride faster without getting fitter, his thought process that led to innovations where average riders can make rapid speed gains quickly, and the future of brake technology. 

In this episode I sit down with Dr. Matt Miller, pro-level racer, innovator, and coach. Matt grew up around bikes, raced for and managed the Giant Mid-Atlantic Off-Road Team, and coached Seamus Powell to 5 USA National Championships. 

He’s a leading voice in pushing braking technology through data (there’s literally no one else doing what he does in the world) and companies have not only started to take notice but are buying his BrakeAce product. 

His PhD in Exercise science is a story of being in the right place at the right time and making the most of the situation. Listen closely to find out more about how BrakeAce is helping riders like you!


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#8: I Secretly Miss Extreme Freeride

freeride mtbhero Jun 23, 2021

#8: I Secretly Miss Extreme Freeride

Have you ever thought the crazy stuff you see at Crankworx, Red Bull Rampage, and even YouTube Videos produced by pro riders would be awesome to do yourself, but you could never get to that level of riding yourself?

Whatever your goal is - there is an ethos and principles you can "borrow" from Extreme Freeride mountain biking and I talk about exactly how in this episode. Inside, you will hear: 

  • Exactly how "Human Entropy" is the exact enemy of your riding progress (plus how to "fight back" with fun)...
  • How to keep from having regrets in your riding and life by facing challenges the way Freeride pioneers did it...
  • The real "secret" to thinking like the craziest riders without actually risking your life!

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Hello Ladies and Berms, and welcome to another episode of Mountain Bike Movement. I’m Dave Davidson and today we are going to talk about Extreme Freeride Mountain...

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#7: Balance Principles- How To Manage Family, Work, and Riding Mountain Bikes

Want to know the secrets to balancing riding and life? It's not what you think. In this episode, I take a decade of principles that have allowed me and other high-performance riders to balance family, work, and riding for more fun and enjoyment.


Inside, you will discover...

  • The "Productivity Secret" given to me by a Navy Seal...
  • How to apply Pareto's Principle to convert a bike-hating spouse into your biggest supporter...
  • Abraham Lincoln's thoughts on Wheel Size...I mean what to focus on to get results...

Plus more!

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How to Balance Family and Riding (Bonus: Even If Your Spouse Hates MTB) 


Hello ladies and berms, mountain bike fanatics and riders of the world! 


And welcome to another episode of the mountain bike movement podcast where it’s my job to deconstruct the techniques, strategies and habits of world class mountain bikers, and today I’m going to be...

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Shaums March #6: Riding Red Bull Rampage, Coaching 1000's of Riders, and The MTB Family

Want to meet the most experienced, helpful, and friendly coach in the mountain bike industry?

I sat down with Shaums March to discuss what inspires him to keep teaching, his background coaching world champions and Olympians, plus the story of where we raced together at the Red Bull Night Shift (plus a bonus conversation about Red Bull Rampage). 

Shaums is the President of the Bike Instructor Certification Program, has coached elite riders, and is widely considered the authority on creating mountain bike instruction curriculum. 

Shaums was one of the first 4 athletes to ever be sponsored by Red Bull and stayed with them for 14 years as an elite athlete.

Based out of Bellingham, Washington, Shaums has elevated the entire sport of Mountain Biking and was a pleasure to have on the show.

 On this episode, listen in to find out:

  • Shaums biggest coaching "wins" with athletes like Miranda Miller, Kate Courney, and Danny Hart...

  • What it's like to stand at the start "gate"...

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Neko Mulally: The 6-Cent Bike Park Chair Lift, E-Bikes, and Encouraging New Riders (#5)

Want to know what National Champ and Pro Downhiller Neko Mulally has been up to during the Pandemic?

I sat down with Neko after getting to ride opening day at Ride Kanuga Bike Park which he and Callie Horwath (along with much of the crew mentioned on the show) had a huge hand in building. 

Neko is a leader in the Southeast riding community. He’s built Windrock Bike Park to one of the best year-round downhill training facilities in the world. 

He is both intensely focused and approachable, a combination not many riders can pull off.

 On this episode, listen in to find out:

  • What really drives Neko to WIN- both on and off the bike (it’s not what you may think)...

  • The “experimental” innovation Neko and the Ride Kanuga team use to potentially triple the value of your bike park experience…

  • The future of riding and how to get involved yourself...

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Cody Wilkins: Lead Trail Builder for SENSUS R.A.D. Trails on Bike Community, How To Build Jumps, and The Future Of MTB (#4)

This episode with Cody Wilkins is a wild one! Cody is the Lead Trail Builder with Cam Zink's Sensus RAD Trails. Cody is a veteran trail builder, has a deep bag of tricks, and knows exactly how to create amazing experiences for any rider. 

What you might not know about Cody is his depth of knowledge around how riding and trails impacts the community. He's a crucial advocate for the sport and is absolutely a leader in creating more and more accessible, safe, and progressive places to ride. 

The ultimate effect isn't just more kids on bikes or growing the sport...he's literally helped revitalize towns, made places more desirable to live, and brought communities together. 

In this episode we cover:

- Cody's insights into how to learn to jump...

- The most important steps to take if you want better trails in your area...

- The 3 most common issues that RAD trails helps solve for communities...

Plus more conversation around riding in general!

You can follow Cody here...

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Podcast: Dr. Jason "jRich" Richardson on BMX Championship Gold, Belief Systems, and Bikes After 40 (#3)

How do you keep shredding on the trails and in life?

In another great episode with a pro racer, I'm joined by Dr. Jason Richardson, or "jrich" for short. 

Dr. JRich is a World Champion BMX racer, PanAm Gold Medalist representing the USA, and an Olympic Coach/Psychologist. He is a leader who has been featured on outlets such as Inc. Mag, Good Morning San Diego, USA Today, ESPN Radio, and has worked closely with organizations including the NFL Players Association and Lexus. 

As well as coaching, he's also had the pleasure of on-air announcing international bike racing events including the Olympics. 

Tune in to find out:

- How to continue to progress after 40...

- What jrich believes is the key to achieving balance and control...

- What patterns and decisions you can focus on to get what you really want out of life (all in bike terms, of course)...

Plus much more! 


You can follow Dr. jRich on Instagram @realdrjrich 



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Interview: Caroline Washam, World Cup Downhill Racer


This episode of the Mountain Bike Movement Podcast is with Caroline Washam. 

She's a fantastic guest! We talked about everything from judging 40-foot gaps on race day, how to make decisions with limited time to practice, and even a comparison of local tracks like Windrock to Fort William in Scotland. 

Listen here for the full episode: 

In this awesome episode, Caroline Washam recounts her origin story as a racer in BMX and the journey to World Cup tracks all over the world.

Once you listen in, you will really like Caroline because she's so generous sharing her love of the sport and of people!

Plus...I can tell you after riding with her on local trails she's an absolute ripper with amazing bike control.

When you listen to this episode, you will uncover...

- How to send a 40 foot gap...safely!

- Which experience a racer is actually most proud of... and it's not always a podium!

- What is it like conquering fears and "accidentally" racing world...

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How To Take Decades Off The Bike and Return Injury-Free


This is a video of one of our students, Lee, absolutely owning a 12-15 ft gap jump at a local bike park in Georgia. 

Here's the thing... this video was accompanied by this rad message:

"This is the last table on the table/warm up line. It’s roughly 12-15’. Again just have to say thanks for the program. I haven’t touched a bike in 18-20yrs until this yr. Haven’t had a major spill yet and sincerely believe it’s because of the training."


Now you might be thinking to yourself:

  • I've had some injuries...How can I ride like I used to? 
  • What if I crash? 
  • How can I know if I'm going to be able to ride safely?
  • Will it even be fun if I have to tiptoe around every challenge on the trail?
  • I'm just intimidated by riding since it's been so long...

All of which are completely normal.

My dad used to say:

"Confidence comes from Competence."

In other words, you will feel good about something once you've done it. 

But the problem is, most...

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Ride Less to Ride Better


Ride your bike LESS. 

Get better.

Obviously, you will get better if you ride more. 


Sometimes riding less gets faster improvements. 

I just spoke with a friend who coaches multi-million dollar businesses. 

He does this by helping them improve their sales process.

What's crazy is that his clients are taking fewer calls and making more money.

He had this crazy idea.

He tells his clients to listen back to their calls on their own...

...plus he listens with them and critiques their call. 

He got the idea from when he played college football.

In high school, players practice. 

In college, players practice just as much.

Plus, they watch a lot of practice and game film. 

In pro football, players OBSESS over game film.

It's the same for my friend in sales.

He listens to a sales call at least every month with a new "player" on their team.

They are racking in the millions. 

The same "rule" applies to discovering mountain biking...

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