Ride Less to Ride Better


Ride your bike LESS. 

Get better.

Obviously, you will get better if you ride more. 


Sometimes riding less gets faster improvements. 

I just spoke with a friend who coaches multi-million dollar businesses. 

He does this by helping them improve their sales process.

What's crazy is that his clients are taking fewer calls and making more money.

He had this crazy idea.

He tells his clients to listen back to their calls on their own...

...plus he listens with them and critiques their call. 

He got the idea from when he played college football.

In high school, players practice. 

In college, players practice just as much.

Plus, they watch a lot of practice and game film. 

In pro football, players OBSESS over game film.

It's the same for my friend in sales.

He listens to a sales call at least every month with a new "player" on their team.

They are racking in the millions. 

The same "rule" applies to discovering mountain biking skills. 

In fact, "practice makes perfect" is the exact wrong thing to do if you don't have a foundation based on feedback. 

By watching game and practice film, it shows exactly where the sales rep/player/rider went wrong.


What they did right.

And why. 

That's powerful. 

When you have critiques, you learn faster.

Watching your riding improve builds confidence. 

Confidence means you crash less and ride stronger. 

Ride less.

It's silly to spend $1,000 - $10,000 on a bike without "watching film". 

Now, there are a few ways we've found work to do this:

1. Watch the pros

2. Watch yourself

3. Get pro help

That's what we do at the Mountain Bike Academy. 

In fact, it's easy to learn about where you are now, what skill you want to learn, and how to get there when you have help. 

To max out your riding skills, jump over to the Mobility and Strength Workshop: https://www.mountainbikeacademy.com/mobilityandstrength

It's available for a limited time. It's also not for anyone looking for a quick fix. 

You have to put the effort in to discover great riding.

But we can help you get there quicker. 

- Dave

P.S. Watch the video to get some simple tips we use to critique riders. 

P.S.S. If you haven't checked out the podcast, go here: https://www.mountainbikeacademy.com/podcast




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