How To Take Decades Off The Bike and Return Injury-Free


This is a video of one of our students, Lee, absolutely owning a 12-15 ft gap jump at a local bike park in Georgia. 

Here's the thing... this video was accompanied by this rad message:

"This is the last table on the table/warm up line. It’s roughly 12-15’. Again just have to say thanks for the program. I haven’t touched a bike in 18-20yrs until this yr. Haven’t had a major spill yet and sincerely believe it’s because of the training."


Now you might be thinking to yourself:

  • I've had some injuries...How can I ride like I used to? 
  • What if I crash? 
  • How can I know if I'm going to be able to ride safely?
  • Will it even be fun if I have to tiptoe around every challenge on the trail?
  • I'm just intimidated by riding since it's been so long...

All of which are completely normal.

My dad used to say:

"Confidence comes from Competence."

In other words, you will feel good about something once you've done it. 

But the problem is, most...

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