Neko Mulally: The 6-Cent Bike Park Chair Lift, E-Bikes, and Encouraging New Riders (#5)

Want to know what National Champ and Pro Downhiller Neko Mulally has been up to during the Pandemic?

I sat down with Neko after getting to ride opening day at Ride Kanuga Bike Park which he and Callie Horwath (along with much of the crew mentioned on the show) had a huge hand in building. 

Neko is a leader in the Southeast riding community. He’s built Windrock Bike Park to one of the best year-round downhill training facilities in the world. 

He is both intensely focused and approachable, a combination not many riders can pull off.

 On this episode, listen in to find out:

  • What really drives Neko to WIN- both on and off the bike (it’s not what you may think)...

  • The “experimental” innovation Neko and the Ride Kanuga team use to potentially triple the value of your bike park experience…

  • The future of riding and how to get involved yourself...

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