Podcast #10 - Dr. Matt Miller & BrakeAce: How To Get Faster Without Getting Fitter

Ever wonder how to get faster at MTB without getting fitter?

I sit down with Dr. Matt Miller, PHD in Bikes basically on how to ride faster without getting fitter, his thought process that led to innovations where average riders can make rapid speed gains quickly, and the future of brake technology. 

In this episode I sit down with Dr. Matt Miller, pro-level racer, innovator, and coach. Matt grew up around bikes, raced for and managed the Giant Mid-Atlantic Off-Road Team, and coached Seamus Powell to 5 USA National Championships. 

He’s a leading voice in pushing braking technology through data (there’s literally no one else doing what he does in the world) and companies have not only started to take notice but are buying his BrakeAce product. 

His PhD in Exercise science is a story of being in the right place at the right time and making the most of the situation. Listen closely to find out more about how BrakeAce is helping riders like you!


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Why Your First Mountain Bike Should NEVER Be a Full Suspension!


Why Your First Mountain Bike Should NEVER Be a Full Suspension!

Hint: It's not because it costs more!

This is the MOST discussed topic in my members group The Bike Commanders on Facebook, plus I've seen it everywhere. 

If you are buying your first bike, it's important to get the right one for you.

Here's what I hear everyone else say, and here's why they are wrong:

1. "Full suspension is more forgiving, so you can pay more money to get an easier learning curve."

2. "Hardtails are less expensive, but they are more harsh and less forgiving."

Here's why they are all wrong. 

After riding full suspension for 12 years, I got my first fully RIGID bike. 

That means zero suspension. 

It also had *zero* gears. 

It was a single speed. 

It was the bike I finally learned how to go fast on my bike with. 

Why? It forced me to be excellent with the following:

  • Line choice
  • Entry speed
  • Body Command*

*Body Command is simply being capable of telling your body how to...

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