Interview: Caroline Washam, World Cup Downhill Racer


This episode of the Mountain Bike Movement Podcast is with Caroline Washam. 

She's a fantastic guest! We talked about everything from judging 40-foot gaps on race day, how to make decisions with limited time to practice, and even a comparison of local tracks like Windrock to Fort William in Scotland. 

Listen here for the full episode: 

In this awesome episode, Caroline Washam recounts her origin story as a racer in BMX and the journey to World Cup tracks all over the world.

Once you listen in, you will really like Caroline because she's so generous sharing her love of the sport and of people!

Plus...I can tell you after riding with her on local trails she's an absolute ripper with amazing bike control.

When you listen to this episode, you will uncover...

- How to send a 40 foot gap...safely!

- Which experience a racer is actually most proud of... and it's not always a podium!

- What is it like conquering fears and "accidentally" racing world...

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