Podcast: Dr. Jason "jRich" Richardson on BMX Championship Gold, Belief Systems, and Bikes After 40 (#3)

How do you keep shredding on the trails and in life?

In another great episode with a pro racer, I'm joined by Dr. Jason Richardson, or "jrich" for short. 

Dr. JRich is a World Champion BMX racer, PanAm Gold Medalist representing the USA, and an Olympic Coach/Psychologist. He is a leader who has been featured on outlets such as Inc. Mag, Good Morning San Diego, USA Today, ESPN Radio, and has worked closely with organizations including the NFL Players Association and Lexus. 

As well as coaching, he's also had the pleasure of on-air announcing international bike racing events including the Olympics. 

Tune in to find out:

- How to continue to progress after 40...

- What jrich believes is the key to achieving balance and control...

- What patterns and decisions you can focus on to get what you really want out of life (all in bike terms, of course)...

Plus much more! 


You can follow Dr. jRich on Instagram @realdrjrich 



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