Podcast: Dr. Jason "jRich" Richardson on BMX Championship Gold, Belief Systems, and Bikes After 40 (#3)

How do you keep shredding on the trails and in life?

In another great episode with a pro racer, I'm joined by Dr. Jason Richardson, or "jrich" for short. 

Dr. JRich is a World Champion BMX racer, PanAm Gold Medalist representing the USA, and an Olympic Coach/Psychologist. He is a leader who has been featured on outlets such as Inc. Mag, Good Morning San Diego, USA Today, ESPN Radio, and has worked closely with organizations including the NFL Players Association and Lexus. 

As well as coaching, he's also had the pleasure of on-air announcing international bike racing events including the Olympics. 

Tune in to find out:

- How to continue to progress after 40...

- What jrich believes is the key to achieving balance and control...

- What patterns and decisions you can focus on to get what you really want out of life (all in bike terms, of course)...

Plus much more! 


You can follow Dr. jRich on Instagram @realdrjrich 



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Mont Saint-Anne 2017: How Aaron Gwin's Mastery Of Mountain Bike Fundamentals Resulted In One Of The Greatest DH Race Runs Of All Time


Hey, Mountain Bike Fanatics!


Quebec, Canada. 

The rain was pouring so loudly it was hard to hear the announcers. 

Most of the world's elite Downhill Mountain Bike racers had done their best to simply get down the mountain...

...and Aaron Gwin was at the start gate, ready to drop in. 

If you haven't seen the recording yet, go Google the clip (type in Mont Saint-Anne 2017 Aaron Gwin and you'll find it). 

Then, if you want to see how YOU can start to master movement and ride amazingly with ease, read on.

Riding in full command of your bike is what makes riding fun!

As you watch the video, notice that Aaron takes more than a few "inside lines" which require more balance and put him at greater risk of crashing...and he pulls it off faster than the racers who did it earlier in dry conditions. 

What makes him so successful at this? 

  1. Years of mastering proper movement patterns OFF the bike.
  2. Calling on those movement patterns to ride...
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