Ride Less to Ride Better


Ride your bike LESS. 

Get better.

Obviously, you will get better if you ride more. 


Sometimes riding less gets faster improvements. 

I just spoke with a friend who coaches multi-million dollar businesses. 

He does this by helping them improve their sales process.

What's crazy is that his clients are taking fewer calls and making more money.

He had this crazy idea.

He tells his clients to listen back to their calls on their own...

...plus he listens with them and critiques their call. 

He got the idea from when he played college football.

In high school, players practice. 

In college, players practice just as much.

Plus, they watch a lot of practice and game film. 

In pro football, players OBSESS over game film.

It's the same for my friend in sales.

He listens to a sales call at least every month with a new "player" on their team.

They are racking in the millions. 

The same "rule" applies to discovering mountain biking...

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The DEATH of Mountain Biking...

transformation May 11, 2020

Mountain Biking Fanatics LISTEN UP!

Mountain Biking is Dead. 

Bike manufacturers will be just fine.

Trail builders could never be better.

Pros will keep riding and racing...


12 months from now, 95% of Mountain Bikers will give up on riding due to injury, pain, or life getting in the way. 

Read on if you want to know how to keep this from happening to you. 

Before you shout that I'm being negative or making strange claims, hear me out. 

Every product or experience goes through a life cycle that looks like this:

  1. Accidental Discovery
  2. Experimental Use
  3. Mass Adoption
  4. Maturity
  5. Takeover by something better

In short, something gets discovered, shared, used, modified to work really well, then replaced by something better. 

When it is a product. 

Or an experience. 

Mountain Biking, for some, is more than a thing to "buy" or "do". 

It's not just a product or a hobby, it's a transformation. 

It's extremely hard to replace.

It's OK for...

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Why Your First Mountain Bike Should NEVER Be a Full Suspension!


Why Your First Mountain Bike Should NEVER Be a Full Suspension!

Hint: It's not because it costs more!

This is the MOST discussed topic in my members group The Bike Commanders on Facebook, plus I've seen it everywhere. 

If you are buying your first bike, it's important to get the right one for you.

Here's what I hear everyone else say, and here's why they are wrong:

1. "Full suspension is more forgiving, so you can pay more money to get an easier learning curve."

2. "Hardtails are less expensive, but they are more harsh and less forgiving."

Here's why they are all wrong. 

After riding full suspension for 12 years, I got my first fully RIGID bike. 

That means zero suspension. 

It also had *zero* gears. 

It was a single speed. 

It was the bike I finally learned how to go fast on my bike with. 

Why? It forced me to be excellent with the following:

  • Line choice
  • Entry speed
  • Body Command*

*Body Command is simply being capable of telling your body how to...

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Mont Saint-Anne 2017: How Aaron Gwin's Mastery Of Mountain Bike Fundamentals Resulted In One Of The Greatest DH Race Runs Of All Time


Hey, Mountain Bike Fanatics!


Quebec, Canada. 

The rain was pouring so loudly it was hard to hear the announcers. 

Most of the world's elite Downhill Mountain Bike racers had done their best to simply get down the mountain...

...and Aaron Gwin was at the start gate, ready to drop in. 

If you haven't seen the recording yet, go Google the clip (type in Mont Saint-Anne 2017 Aaron Gwin and you'll find it). 

Then, if you want to see how YOU can start to master movement and ride amazingly with ease, read on.

Riding in full command of your bike is what makes riding fun!

As you watch the video, notice that Aaron takes more than a few "inside lines" which require more balance and put him at greater risk of crashing...and he pulls it off faster than the racers who did it earlier in dry conditions. 

What makes him so successful at this? 

  1. Years of mastering proper movement patterns OFF the bike.
  2. Calling on those movement patterns to ride...
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